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Wine and oil have always been my family’s biggest passion. After a break of several years, the company was reopened in the eighties for my and my husband's will and today we continue to work thanks to our four daughters. We started with the biological cultivation, aware that the new beginning should take place in the name of quality, then we switched to biodynamic in 2014.
We could write here about Steiner, about anthroposophy or about preparations and much more but we prefer that our products speak for us, with their taste they will tell you about our work and our love for this land.


The Maradei Company extends between the municipalities of Saracena, Firmo and Lungro, in the area between the Pollino National Park and the land of Sybaris. The territory, full of traditions and contradictions, with its culture and its uncontaminated nature is best expressed in the cultivation of olive trees and vines.
Combining tradition and innovation, we produce the excellent extra virgin olive oil in the company oil mill and the fine natural wines in the old family cellars, located in the heart of the arabic historical center of Saracena. We deal directly with the entire production cycle, from harvesting to bottling. All our products have organic certification and the biodynamic conversion is in progress.

Company extension

Olive groves

10 hectares


5 hectares



The grape varieties we grow are: white guarnaccia, black and white malvasia , sweet magliocco and Saracena Muscatel.
With these varieties we produce, in addition to the famous "Moscato Passito di Saracena", six different wine labels: three white, two red and one rosé.


There are 3000 olive trees. The predominant variety is the Cassanese (or Tondino), followed by the Carolei with the addition of the varieties of Roggianella, Frantoio and Nocellara Messinese.
In the maximum production campaigns, about 1000 quintals of olives are harvested from which an average of 200 quintals of oil are extracted.
Our company offers a strictly organic extra virgin olive oil, produced using selected olives through a careful preparation and cultivation technique. During the harvest, done by hand, the olives (or drupes) never touch the ground.
The olive pressing process is carried out exclusively with cold processes, it takes place on the traditional crusher system and then the olive pressing is carried out with low pressure presses.
The oil obtained is finally decanted repeatedly.


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